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This revolution ultimatum in education & career has been designed to disrupt the landscape of individual assessment. Wudi is on a mission to create happy individuals by helping them build invincible careers in areas of their undiscovered passion!

Lets start with the story of a prodigy artist !

Meet Nirbhagya !

At the age of 3,

she mesmerized the world

with her paintings.

And then,
school happened.
The End.

Sounds like

YOUR story ?


this is the story of millions like

YOU and ME !

We are always measured with the wrong scale !

A budding artist is measured for anaytical skills, a physicist is measured for literary skills and the mistakes continue till eternity.

These wrong assessments have killed more individuals than any war or epidemic ever has.

Let's break that scale !

Be who you are !

Be Invincible !

WUDI is an AI powered talent and skill discovery platform

This platform has been designed by individuals who firmly believes in your superpower.

Yes, your personal WUDI account is absolutely free for the rest of your life.
Your data is your privacy and we respect that. You can control what data you would like to share with us. You can also manage settings for system derived insights / recommendations / personalization. And most of all we never expose your data to a 3rd party. Sounds good ?
Not really ! You can access your profile from any web browser of your choice. Be that from a phone, or a laptop or a desktop, all you need is an internet connection at the time of login. Once you have logged in, switch off your net and still access all our visualizations !
At the moment, our platform can only be used by individuals whose organizations have signed up for WUDI. Kindly get in touch with your organization to know more. Meanwhile, we are tuning our platform to make our services available to everyone !

Nikita Hari

A research scholar at the University of Cambridge working in the field of AI and Semiconductors, Nikita was listed among the ‘Top 50 Women Engineers’ by Telegraph UK. She is also the Co-Founder of Favalley and the current global ambassador for ‘Queen Elizabeth Prize in Engineering’. A Forbes 30 under 30 Science category finalist, Nikita was recently honoured with DevelopHER award and was elected as the Vice President of Cambridge Union. She also serves on the advisory board of Next Tech Labs

Arjun Hari

An entrepreneur by passion, Arjun holds a management degree from IIM Kozhikode and an engineering degree from NIT Calicut. Prior to his entreprenurial plunge, he has worked with SunTec's Banking & Finance product team, Titan's marketing team and various family owned business brands. A technology columnist and consultant, Arjun also serves on the board of E&C and Disruption Innovation Labs
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